Poly ForUUm

Of Greater Seattle


The Poly ForUUm of Greater Seattle is an official local chapter of Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness (UUPA), a new nationwide organization for people interested in both polyamory and Unitarian Universalism.

For the year 2006, Poly ForUUm will be making a monthly tour of the Unitarian Universalist churches in our region.  Each month on the third Sunday we will attend the worship service at a different UU church and meet for lunch afterwards at some convenient nearby restaurant.  To join us, just show up in front of the church about 10 minutes before  the service, and look for people wearing buttons like the designs shown above.

To see a full itinerary of what churches we will be visiting each month, click here.

Call 206-979-8534 for more information.

For further information on Unitarian Universalism, visit www.UUA.org .